alok j kumar | design & development

"it all started with a mouse" — walt disney

Let me show you what I can really do.

a little about me

Walt Disney is one of my biggest inspirations and it's fair to say that he's taught us all something from all his work but the greatest lesson I, personally, learnt from him is that big things always start with humble beginnings. I have a huge range of interests from web design and development to creative uses of technology with lighting and sound to managing networks, infrastructure and facilities. My work aims to use these tools and skills to enable organisations to develop their online and physical presence.

I largely work and operate in the West Midlands and North East areas from Birmingham and Durham respectively. In between my engineering degree I love having the whole world at my fingertips for greater exploration and development.


I have worked with a number of organisations varying in size in the development of their websites and mobile applications. I love to think differently and creatively to renew a brand's online presence and operation. I am always knee deep in evolving technologies and will gladly employ the latest development languages and libraries in projects to ensure that they remain cutting edge and future proof. My expertise lies with developing websites and apps from scratch for growing organisations but I have experience working with others in the maintenance and upkeep of their websites. Design is extremely important to my process and there is no detail which is too small, from responsive design to selection colours, it's all just as important to me. Feel free to contact me or visit my portfolio for more details.


I love to work with people and whether that's making someone look their best on stage with a lightshow that pushes limits or making a band sound great for all their fans, nothing is too much. I have worked in a number of theatres and venues across the country to enhance sets and performances with breathtaking effects and sound quality. My experience ranges from theatre to live events to radio and I love the challenge that each one presents. No task is too big or too small and there's nothing I love to do more than sink my teeth into a new area. If you're interested in finding out more about my work I'd love to hear from you or check out some of latest work.


I always love to get involved in new fields and have a wealth of experience in other areas including network, infrastructure and facilities management; project management; video and audio editing and electronic engineering.